We have a completely dedicated repair and remanufacturing centre that can cater to our clients every need.


Remanufacturing Service

We offer a variety of custom repairs that are entirely tailored to your specifications. We’ve served clients throughout the hospitality industry, ranging from local restaurant owners to pub landlords, and many more.

With our remanufacturing service, we can breathe life into old and worn-down items. We can even customise them to meet your demands. Not only will you receive an exceptional service that’s built around your requirements, we will work according to your budget.

Fully Supported Spare Parts & After Sales Service

We have an entire catalogue of spare parts that we can use to remanufacture all of your equipment. Through extensive research, we’re able to find spare parts that are fully supported and will work as good as new. Furthermore, we provide an after sales service to ensure that you’re kept happy and that the spare parts continue to work for you.

Custom Repairs for Complex Systems

Our company can repair a range of complex systems that you might have in your business. This includes everything from refrigeration systems, mixed gas regulators to keg couplers – and much more.

Instead of spending loads of cash buying replacements for all these systems, bring them to us, and our highly skilled team will remanufacture them for you.

Fully Trained Operators

All of our operators are fully trained and work to current BSI standards. As a result, we have the ability to do a range of things that other companies simply can’t. This includes being able to punch sheet metal components, produce intricate copper or stainless-steel tube forms, and even fabricate with coded welders. By doing this, we can offer a comprehensive remanufacturing service that’s built on quality and consistency.


No Hassle Service

Along with the high level of skill our operators can boast and our comprehensive warranty, we also provide a dedicated van transport collection and delivery option as part of our service. We’ll collect anything that needs to be repaired, and then we’ll deliver it to your door and help put it back in place for you. This takes a lot of stress out of your hands and means you don’t have to waste valuable time and resources delivering or picking up your items.

If you’re looking for a complete remanufacturing service that offers tailored repairs to customer specifications, then get in touch with us today. We’ll happily explain things in more detail over the phone, and answer any queries you may have.